Okay guys so I have a little problem…

My Fem!Dirk wig is quite a bit more curly than I wanted it to be ((I wanted it kinda wavy)) but this was the only wig that was cheap enough and would be able to ship in time for the con.

If you have any tips on how to make it less curly that would be great!!!

And if you think it looks fine the way it is, please tell me!!! That way I won’t be too worried about it.


  1. pygmymagpie answered: yeah. number 1 setting on the straightener or warm water and a comb.
  2. spectralvigilante said: or get a spray bottle and fill it with hot water and dampen the wig and try to comb it down
  3. spectralvigilante answered: is it heat resistant fiber??? try taking a straightener on a really low setting and gently make it do the wavy thing
  4. posteriorbombardier said: but you could try giving it a warm bath and then carefully combing it while it’s drying
  5. posteriorbombardier answered: generally you’re not supposed to use a straightener on cheap wigs because they’re not heat resistant enough, but you
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